What is Callbox?

We are a Pay-per-call marketplace where you can browse inbound call categories and start connecting with new customers today.


Increase revenue, track your ROI and grow your client base with our real time Pay-per-call inbound sales ready leads.


Become a Trusted Publishers and allow Callbox proprietary Pay-per-call platform to earn you the highest payouts on the market.

Marketplace Features:

Buy Calls Instantly

Sign up with Callbox Pay-per-call marketplace as an Advertiser and browse the marketplace for available Call inventory. Place your call order and watch your phones ring with interested clients who have already taken the first step in inquiring about your product. Easily monitor and track your campaigns quality and ad-spend.

Sell Calls Instantly

Post your call inventory on our Pay-per-call marketplace now and we will notify when the orders come in! Let Callbox proprietary and routing tools distribute your phone calls to the worlds largest Pay Per call Buyer network!

Track Payments

Whether you are a Buyer or a Seller, everything is tracked via your Callbox Dashboard. Tracking your spend or revenue has never been so easy.


Our self serve marketplace let's you easily create your own pay-per-call campaigns, or discover campaigns you can promote. Apply instantly, and start monetizing your call volume.

Buy calls instanly

Sign up with Callbox as an Advertiser. Then simply create your campaign and start buying calls from our marketplace. Easily monitor and track your campaigns from quality to ad-spend. You never have to touch a piece of tracking technology again.

Sell calls instantly

Got call volume? Then you should sign up as a Publisher. Discover some of the highest paying campaigns on our marketplace. Apply as a Publisher, receive your dedicated numbers and start promoting. Sit back and watch your revenue in your Callbox dashboard in real-time. We’ll make sure you get the highest bids for your calls.

Data & Analytics

Track every data point of your call. We help you understand which campaigns are performing and optimize your traffic respectively. You no longer have to use multiple platforms for marketing your pay-per-call campaigns and tracking your data.

Track payments

Keep track of all your earnings as a publisher, or monitor your ad-spend budget as an advertiser when you buy calls. Watch your revenue data in real-time.

Track call quality

Easily monitor the call quality of every call. Dispute calls which are out of context, right in your Callbox account. Callbox helps publishers and advertisers work better together.